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Apatrim boxApatrim diet pill is produced by PatentHealth. It does not have its own website, though some information is included on the PatentHealth website under the ‘Products’ tab.

This section claims Apatrim has been “clinically shown to get great results” without the need to diet or exercise.

The manufacturer claims that Apatrim will achieve this without the use of stimulants, simply by suppressing the appetite.

It sounds like the miracle supplement we’ve all been waiting for: a product that will shed the pounds without the effort of a weight-loss programme.

What is Apatrim and does it work?

caralluma plantThe only active ingredient in Apatrim is Caralluma fimbriata extract (500mg), a cactus plant native to India, which, it is suggested, was widely used by tribesmen on hunting expeditions to ward off hunger.

This ingredient has recently been included in a number of dietary and weight loss supplements because of its assumed appetite suppressant qualities.

The clinical study referred to on the PatentHealth website was “conducted in Los Angeles under the direction of a former clinical professor at the University of California’s Los Angeles School of Medicine”.

No reference is provided so that prospective customers can assess the credibility of this study or read the full report. Is this merely an oversight by the company, or can we assume that the report remains unpublished and that the research has not been peer reviewed?

The absence of any citation significantly undermines the value – and credibility – of this research, which, the manufacturer suggests, involved participants using the product Apatrim. Since the product has only one active ingredient, Caralluma fimbriata extract, I searched the web for evidence of other clinical trials have investigated the weight-loss properties of this ingredient.

alertApparently only one human clinical trial has been conducted investigating the use of Caralluma fimbriata as an aid to weight-loss. Over 60 days, participants lost 1.2kg weight whilst taking Carulluma fimbriata and following a calorie controlled diet.

One human study demonstrating very modest weight-loss in participants whose calorific intake was restricted does not seem particularly impressive to me, and certainly does not suggest that taking Carulluma fimbriata without reducing calories or exercising is likely to be effective.

Neither this study, nor those conducted on rats, suggested that this ingredient would cause significant or dangerous side effects. The manufacturer’s recommended Apatrim dosage accords with that given to participants in the single published clinical trial.

What do the customers say about Apatrim?

This product is widely available both online and through a number of retailers, including Walmart. Since Walmart publish independent customer reviews, I accessed their website and found 11 relating to Apatrim. Ratings (out of 5) were mixed: 2 gave 5 stars, 4 gave 4, one gave 2 stars and 4 gave 1. Comments matched those ratings, ranging from “Excellent product” to “a total waste of money”.


  • Although the manufacturer suggests that Apatrim will produce weight-loss without restricting calorific intake, customers can download a meal planner from the website.
  • Apatrim is widely available both over-the-counter and from various websites.
  • One published clinical trial showed modest weight-loss using Carulluma fimbriata, the active ingredient in Apatrim and found it was safe to take.
  • Hidden away under the ‘About’ tab on PatentHealth’s website is what appears to be a 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • We were unable to find a ‘Buy Now’ button on PatentHealth’s website.
  • The website provides no citation for the ‘clinical study’ which the manufacturer claims produced weight loss without diet or exercise.
  • Further research is required on Carulluma fimbriata before this can be lauded as an effective weight-loss tool.
  • There is insufficient detail on the website about the manufacturer’s ‘money-back guarantee’: does this cover the used portion of the order plus postage costs?

Is Apatrim worth buying?

Apatri boxThe only credible scientific study on Carulluma fimbriata showed only modest weight-loss amongst participants who also followed a calorie-controlled diet.

Since this is the only active ingredient in Apatrim, customers who benefit from the appetite suppressing qualities of the Carulluma fimbriata may experience a similar modest weight loss, but similar results could probably be achieved simply by eating smaller portions and less snacks.

The lack of strong scientific evidence, and the mixed Apatrim customer reviews suggest that it may be more sensible to avoid this product and go for a diet pill with proven ingredients.

Recommended alternative…Phen375

Phen375-bottlesblankAppetite suppressants, especially those available to buy over-the-counter, rarely offer any real benefits in terms of weight loss. We are yet to see one which can genuinely help a user cut enough calories to actually see a difference on the scales.

Our recommendation is a dual-action supplement which works to stimulate the metabolism and prevent cravings, giving you a more complete approach to losing weight.

One of the very best we have reviewed is Phen375, which features all-natural ingredients, and crucially, has a big following with plenty of testimonials and feedback to back up its claims.

We recently put Phen375 through its paces to see why its so popular, find out here


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