Avesil free trial – is it a scam?

Avesil bottleAvesil describes itself as a ‘safe, effective weight control formula made from ingredients supported by substantial published scientific research”, which in all honesty is pretty much standard marketing for any diet pill out there, but is the Avesil free trial offer too good to be true?

Free trials are always best avoided as they typically lock you into a rebilling cycle that is normally hard to cancel. They are very controversial in the eyes of the office of Fair Trading and other similar consumer protection companies.

So, does Avesil work?

Well, it’s a tricky one for starters, mainly because the Avesil website is especially vague and seriously lacking in the areas you’d expect from an informative and well respected brand.

Firstly, the main page doesn’t actually state what Avesil contains. After a little digging, it appears that Avesil is a blend of ChromeMate, Meratrim, Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract, and Caffeine. Unfortunately, this is listed as a proprietary blend (meaning no quantities are given) and there is no actual information regarding how these ingredients work.

What we do know, is that ChromeMate is designed to help control blood sugar levels, Meratrim is a patented combination of two separate plant extracts that has had some success in clinical trials (although how it encourages weight loss is unclear) see the resulst of this study – http://online.liebertpub.com/doi/pdf/10.1089/jmf.2012.0178 and Green Tea and Caffeine are stimulants designed to boost the metabolism.

Are its ingredients effective?

The official Avesil websiteWhile these ingredients on paper have all proven themselves fairly effective in scientific studies, it’s unclear whether or not Avesil itself has been clinically trialled, which probably means it hasn’t.

There is no way to say for certain that the blend used in Avesil and the quantities of its ingredients will help with successful weight loss and the testimonials on the brands official site are dubious at best.

One or two cherry picked pieces and a nice picture of a Doctor are all that is offered with regards to its effectiveness, and the emblazoned “Free Trial Offer” has already set off a few alarm bells.

What are the customers saying?

Without any other information, this is what it really comes down to. What are the customers actually saying? And, the answer is pretty mediocre. A relatively poor overall score on Amazon’s customer review page of just two and a half out of five doesn’t really justify the $89.95 price (and that’s just for one month).


The vast majority of the independent reviews online are neither here nor there. While some people have noticed a drop in their appetite (a result of the ChromeMate no doubt), and others have experienced a boost in their energy levels (thanks to the caffeine and Green Tea), not many have actually managed to lose any weight, or at least no more than they would expect from following a healthy eating plan and exercise regime.

For its whopping price tag, we would expect a little more, and when you consider that many people state they experienced jitteriness and nausea, it’s a little disappointing.


Its ingredients individually have been patented and clinically trialled, they have been proven to work when it comes to effective weight-loss, which is a good thing, and it also means they are considered safe to consume; however we would really like to see a clinical trial into the Avesil blend itself however.


Let’s see; no clinical trial, a vague and very uninformative website, bad customer reviews all round, no mention of ingredient quantities, and a massively inflated price tag. It’s not looking very good, add to that the ‘Free Trial Offer’, and we have a product that is hard to give any real recommendation.

Avesil bottleIs it worth buying?
Our Rating : 2 stars(2/5)

Probably not; while Avesil will certainly make your wallet much lighter, it probably won’t have much effect on your weight. Not going to score high on our list of approved supplements to be fair.

Alternatives to Avesil – Garcinia Cambogia

GarciniaCambogiaExtraSome of the recently discovered fruit powered fat burners have been giving some very good results with dieters. Perhaps one of the best is Garcinia Cambogia – a 100% natural extract which helps lower calorie intake and boost the metabolism.

Garcinia was recently hailed as THE best fat burner by one celebrity daytime TV doctor (who wont be named for legal reasons!), and has so much positive feedback in recent months it really is hard to ignore.

Read more about Garcinia Extra in our review

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