Does Nuvoryn work and what are the side effects?

nuvorynMost people who are interested in dieting will have heard of Nuvoryn: the media has been deluged with adverts for this product, and on the tail of that blanket advertising campaign have come the first of the reviews, so does Nuvoryn work?

Overall, feedback on the product, from both customers and reviewers, has been overwhelmingly negative. This investigation looks at the product itself, and questions why so many people seem to be dissatisfied with Nuvoryn.

What is Nuvoryn?

Nuvoryn is a diet pill that is claimed by the manufacturer to be an effective fat-burner and appetite suppressant, as well as boosting the metabolism.

Nuvoryn appears at first glance to be a promising weight-loss tool. The formula is based on a blend of green tea, guarana and acai berry – all ingredients used in other dietary supplements which have achieved wide acclaim from users, so why then is Nuvoryn attracting such widespread negative reviews?

A look at the Nuvoryn ingredients and scientific evidence

There does not appear to have been any clinical trials conducted on Nuvoryn itself, though scientific evidence does support the weight-loss properties of some of its ingredients.

Green tea extract has been shown to boost metabolism in a number of clinical trials, as well as inhibiting the development of cardiovascular disease, some cancers and Alzheimer’s (see for a general article on the benefits of tea).

Nuvoryn also contains two ingredients rich in caffeine – Guarana and Yerba Mate. Caffeine has been proven to be effective in enhancing alertness, suppressing appetite and increasing both energy levels and the metabolic rate.

The acai berry has become a common ingredient in dietary supplements, although to date, there are no independent scientific studies which can substantiate claims that the fruit has the amazing weight-loss properties claimed by manufacturers.

Despite this lack of scientific evidence, the acai berry appears to be a safe ingredient, widely consumed in Central and Southern America, without any apparent ill effects. The truth is that the acai berry is probably about as beneficial to health as most fruit – being both high in fibre and antioxdants.

At first sight, it seems strange that customer reviews on Nuvoryn have been so comprehensively negative, but a perusal of the manufacturer’s website offers the following explanation – whilst some of the active ingredients in Nuvoryn have been proven to be effective in terms of weight-loss, the manufacturer provides absolutely no information on the quantities of each ingredient within the product.

A combination of green tea extract and caffeine has been proven to increase the metabolic rate by up to 4%. However, if the quantity of these ingredients is miniscule, these results will simply not be achieved.

Customer feedback

Of course the manufacturer’s website publishes a number of testimonials, backed up by photographs, all apparently from satisfied customers who claim to have lost a significant amount of weight in a very short space of time.

The cynical reader may treat such testimonials with a healthy scepticism; those with an inkling for detective work might notice, unless the company has noticed its mistake and implemented changes, that the same photographs, with different names (huh?) and different claimed weight loss, appear on the manufacturer’s websites created for audiences in different countries – a fundamental error which entirely destroys the credibility of the sites.

Whilst testimonials on a company’s website will always be regarded as potentially suspect, or at least selective, customer reviews on the websites of independent sellers are far more likely to be from genuine customers who have used – or tried to use – the product.

Amazon is always a good source for reviews. On the UK Amazon website there are reviews from 20 customers: 14 of those 20 customers award just one star – the lowest possible score.

The reasons behind those very poor ratings relate both to the product and to customer service. Customers claim they have lost no weight, received no product, had huge difficulty contacting the company, and managed to obtain no refund despite the promises on the website. Anybody considering trying Nuvoryn should at least trawl through those reviews before making their mind up.

Potential Side effects

The ingredients in Nuvoryn all appear to be natural, so few side effects, apart from those associated with caffeine – headache, insomnia, anxiety – would be expected.

Surprisingly, one of the most commonly reported adverse effects is fatigue, which is quite opposite to what would be expected with a caffeine-based product.

Other reported side-effects are nausea and a ‘jittery’ feeling. It is difficult to explain the range of reported side effects without knowing the quantities of each ingredient within this product. Perhaps it is the combination of a number ingredients that causes problems for some users.

In addition to the ingredients outlined above, Nuvoryn contains Damiana, which is normally used as a sexual stimulant. This, alongside guarana and Yerba Mate, which are both caffeine-rich stimulants, could potentially be causing some harsh side effects.


  • Nuvoryn contains natural ingredients


  • Nuvoryn contains some ingredients which are clinically unproven; the product as a whole has not been subjected to clinical testing.
  • The manufacturer does not provide the quantities of ingredients in this product.
  • Some information on the website lacks credibility.
  • Customer reviews have been overwhelmingly negative.
  • Customers experience difficulties in contacting the company; others have received no product, despite payment having been taken.

Conclusion – Is it worth buying?

In light of the overwhelmingly negative customer reviews, the difficulties encountered by customers in contacting the company, and the fact that the product is unsupported by scientific evidence, Nuvoryn sits in our not recommended category.

There are many products available today which have been proven to have fat-burning, appetite suppressant and metabolism-boosting properties and demonstrate great user feedback. Nuvoryn is unfortunately not one of them.

Recommended alternatives – Ketone Balance

ketone-balance-duo-bottlesOne of the best supplements we have examined in recent months is Ketone Balance – a natural fat burner containing two highly effective natural ingredients in a proven dosage; green coffee and raspberry ketone.

These two ingredients have so much positive feedback and praise, not to mention overwhelming clinical evidence in recent clinical trials, Ketone Balance really is a hard supplement to ignore.

Read our recent Ketone Balance review here

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2 comments on “Does Nuvoryn work and what are the side effects?
  1. Chandrika Prasad says:

    I am keen to buy this product but have high blood pressure and had a heart by pass a year ago. Please advise

  2. Paw says:

    Absolute rubbish. It is just another scam. Their “refund” policy is a joke. This is actual quote from the email – “Dear Customer,
    We have received a request of refund for your Nuvoryn order. We recommend to use one bottle completely to see the results. As per our refund policy, we cannot give you refund of an OPENED Nuvoryn bottle”.
    Do not buy this rubbish, you’ll waste your money

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