Ketone Balance duo review, what are the potential side effects?

ketone balance duo bottlesThis revolutionary new diet pill combines two of the most popular weight-loss boosting ingredients that are currently on the market.

Raspberry Ketone has become the must-have supplement if you are trying to lose those unwanted lbs, while Green Coffee extract has recently become more favourable in diet pills than traditional Green Tea.

Ketone Balance has been created by well-known supplement provider, Evolution Slimming, a company that has earned a solid reputation for supplying customers with good quality products, along with enough information and independent reviews to back up any of its products claims.

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How does Ketone Balance Duo work?

Raspberry KetoneRaspberry Ketone (200mg)

Raspberry Ketone is by no means new to the weight-loss market. Since its media endorsement and well advertised clinical research, dieters have been flocking to try this 100% natural ingredient.

Raspberry Ketone works within the body by increasing the production of a protein hormone (adiponectin) that breaks down fatty acids and controls glucose levels. According to research, taking Raspberry Ketone regularly can help boost weight loss and regulate the metabolism.

Green CoffeeGreen Coffee (200mg)

Ketone Balance takes this particular ingredient to the next level however, with the inclusion of Green Coffee Extract.

Green Coffee Extract is essentially raw coffee, it has all the benefits of traditional caffeine with regards to boosting energy levels and increasing metabolism, but without the higher risk of side effects such as insomnia and headaches.

As well as these, Ketone Balance also includes Green Tea, a substance that is rich in antioxidants, helps increase energy levels and also boosts metabolism. See this clinical study on Green Tea –

The combination of these three ingredients means that Ketone Balance has the potential to be a very strong competitor in the diet pill market; a safe and effective supplement that is backed up by scientific research and evidence.

What about customers testimonials?

Ketone Balance is new to the market, and therefore, there are very few independent reviews regarding how well it works. This shouldn’t put anyone off just yet though, there is enough evidence to suggest that all of its ingredients work individually and are supplied in the correct dose, and the manufacturer has a solid reputation for delivering effective supplements.


At present, the website has a few testimonials supporting the company’s claims which seem genuine enough, and the site on the whole is extremely professional and well thought out. There is no reason not to believe that as time goes on and Ketone Balance increases in popularity, positive reviews regarding its effectiveness will start popping up on the internet.

Are there any Ketone Balance duo side effects?

As with all caffeine enhanced supplements, there may be a few people that experience some mild headaches, jitteriness and anxiety when beginning the course. This will normally ease as time goes on but it is also worth eliminating caffeine elsewhere from you diet in order to prevent them altogether.

Aside from that, all the ingredients in Ketone Balance are completely natural and there have been no reported side effects from Raspberry Ketone itself.

ketone-balance-duo-bottlesKetone Balance Duo review conclusion

Is it worth buying? We think so, yes. Ketone Balance Duo has seemingly created the one of the most potentially effective pills out there today.

It certainly isn’t the most expensive on the market either (two supplements for the price one), making it a safe option for your wallet as well as your health.

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