Natures Way Slimright 123 Detox n Burn programme, does it really work?

Natures way slimright 123The SlimRight 123 Detox ‘n Burn Programme claims to help dieters to detoxify and cleanse the body as well as increase the metabolism and burn more fat.

The manufacturer claims that the product will reduce bloating and water retention and help customers to “feel lighter”.

It is recommended it be used in conjunction with a calorie-controlled diet and exercise programme. Not surprisingly, the recommended diet is based upon SlimRight’s own product range.

SlimRight 123 Detox ‘n Burn Ingredients

The manufacturer’s website provides a full list of ingredients, which is long, and seems to consist very largely of vitamins and minerals. These include vitamins B1-B6, B12, chromium, iodine, milk thistle and celery extract.

In terms of detoxification, the only ingredient on this list which is often contained in detox programmes appears to be Silyburn marianum, more commonly known as Milk Thistle.

Milk Thistle

This important ingredient helps the liver to detoxify and cleanse by binding to cells, thus blocking the entry of toxins; it increases the production of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant; it regenerates cells which have been damaged by drugs and alcohol, and slows the effects of liver cirrhosis.

For those who have abused their bodies through drugs and alcohol, a product that contains high levels of Milk Thistle will certainly aid the liver’s recovery.

Celery Extract

A second active ingredient is Apium graveolens, much better known as celery. This is commonly used in diet supplements as a fibre bulk. Whilst it is not, technically a negative-calorie food, digestion of celery will use up a large proportion of the small amounts of calories that have been ingested.

One word of caution about this ingredient: some people are violently allergic to celery, and exposure to this ingredient could cause potentially fatal anaphylactic shock. This needs to be very clearly flagged up both on the website and on the packaging.

All other ingredients appear to be either vitamins or minerals, which may offer health benefits to those whose diet is nutritionally deficient. Customers are advised to take 2 tablets with water 3 times daily, 30 minutes before meals or exercise.

Is SlimRight 123 Detox ‘n Burn effective?

womanIn terms of detoxification, it appears that the inclusion of high levels of Milk Thistle will certainly help to detoxify the liver, though there is nothing in the list of ingredients that seems capable of detoxifying other parts of the body.

Most Detox programmes contain diuretics, and indeed the manufacturer specifically claims that this product will aid fluid retention, yet apart from the caffeine, which is mentioned in the cautions/warnings sections, though not listed as an ingredient, there is nothing that appears to focus on reducing bloating and water retention.

Most Detox programmes also include a laxative, which this one does not. Despite the long list of ingredients, it appears that the formulation of this product may be defective. If, as the manufacturer suggests, the product will reduce water retention and does indeed produce a laxative effect, then the nutritional benefits of all those vitamins and minerals are likely to be lost since they will simply be flushed away.


  • The product includes many nutritional ingredients which may benefit health.
  • The inclusion of Milk Thistle will help to detoxify the liver and could be beneficial to those who have abused either alcohol or drugs.
  • The manufacturer sensibly recommend that this product be used in conjunction with a calorie-controlled diet and exercise programme.


  • SlimRight 123 Detox ‘n Burn is not cheap, at $39.90 for 60 tablets (just 10 days’ supply).
  • Whilst the ingredients listed will help to detoxify the liver, there is nothing in this product which will cleanse other parts of the body.
  • There is nothing on the website cautioning those who are allergic to celery against using this product.

Customer Reviews

Although this product is widely available, there are currently no independent customer reviews on any website, probably because the product is new.

Natures way slimright 123Is SlimRight 123 Detox ‘n Burn worth buying?

Although this product is probably safe (except for those with a celery allergy or who are caffeine intolerant), and may offer some support to those who are struggling to detoxify and lose weight, there are alternative products available which will be more effective.

The manufacturer claims that the product will cleanse the body, but without an effective diuretic and/or laxative included, SlimRight 123 Detox ‘n Burn is unlikely to live up to that claim.

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2 comments on “Natures Way Slimright 123 Detox n Burn programme, does it really work?
  1. R Albert says:

    I have used it but not followed the recommended dosage with heathy controlled diet along with 30 minutes exercise daily.
    it’s effective as I wanted something which is safe to use & only effects on the tummy fats rather than on any other parts of the body
    I am not allergic to anything, as far as there is no severe side effects on liver & heart, diseases like diabetes or cancer as all other fat burners do I am happy to use it whenever I need to but of course not continuously.

  2. Mary says:

    If I only take 2 tablets 2x a day instead of 3x will this still be effective

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