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Optimus Green Coffee BottleEvidence of the benefits of green coffee extract as a weight loss tool has been growing steadily in recent months, and products based upon this ingredient have become top sellers with dieters anxious to burn stubborn fat and achieve a slimmer figure.

  • Helps the body burn fat
  • High in natural anti oxidents
  • Clinical trial participants lost 18 lbs

Green Coffee supplements gained further popularity when the extract was endorsed by the famous Dr Oz – an American celebrity doctor who claimed it was the “holy grail of weight loss”.

Many new products based on green coffee extract have been launched since that American broadcast, but not all these products have incorporated the emerging scientific guidelines in terms of dosage and quality of ingredients.

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Optimus Green Coffee is one of the only products we have encountered which comprises the recommended 50% chlorogenic acid purity. At a dosage of 1000mg per tablet, this product should be sufficiently powerful to stimulate a faster metabolism.

So is Optimus Green Coffee any better than other brands available?

optimus green coffee beansThe formula used in Optimus Green Coffee mirrors the latest advice of the scientific community, meaning it is likely to be more effective and safer than many other green coffee products which contain untested or weak dosages.

Those considering the use of any green coffee extract should appreciate that the scientific evidence is as yet somewhat unclear, but research suggests that relatively high levels of chlorogenic acid (between 45% and 50%) is most beneficial in aiding weight loss.

A report of a clinical study on green coffee which was published in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity in January 2012 showed an average weight loss among participants of 18lb in 12 weeks, with a typical loss of body fat of 4.4%.

green-coffee-clinical studies

Full study results http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3267522/

What can I expect with this supplement?

Clinical trials on green coffee extract (at similar dosages to those featured in Optimus) all suggest the extract reduces weight, burns fat, controls cholesterol levels and induces a small reduction in heart rate.

Some studies also report that chlorogenic acid in green coffee extract helps to control and reduce glucose production in the liver, which may help to diminish the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Recent Optimus Green Coffee Customer Testimonials:


Another recent study conducted at the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, which looked at the effects of green coffee on blood sugar levels in human beings, concluded that use of green coffee lessened the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

The antioxidant qualities of Optimus Green Coffee may offer supplementary benefits to users, enhancing the youthful appearance of skin and producing a radiant glow.

Are there any side effects of green coffee?

green-coffee-beansThe only reported side effects of green coffee extract relate to the small amount of caffeine content, which may cause, for some people, insomnia and headache.

However, it should be understood that green coffee contains much less caffeine than the regular roasted coffee bean variety used in typical diet supplements.

Is it worth buying?

The scientific suggests that appropriate doses of green coffee extract can aid weight loss. Where Optimus Green Coffee is used in conjunction with a sensible calorie controlled diet and exercise regime, it may well prove to be a very beneficial tool in achieving that target weight.

Available to buy from the official website priced at around $30 when bought as a three month supply – Click to see current deals

Optimus green coffee deals

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3 comments on “Optimus Green Coffee Review
  1. Oz says:

    this product offers no moneyback guarantee and looks gimicky. RealDose offers a guarantee. there is little difference in the price, why should i choose optimus.

    • Sarah - Editor of AussieDietPills.com Sarah - Editor of AussieDietPills.com says:

      Thanks for your comment and we really appreciate your feedback. In our opinion Optimus contains a higher dosage of green coffee in its formula at 1000mg vs the Realdose formula at just 133mg. We agree the guarantee is not as comprehensive with Optimus, however Optimus would still be our top choice.

  2. billy carson says:

    I filled in the Real Dose “what type are you” questionnaire as 3 different types, guess what? All three types ended up taking the same Real Dose. I would have thought if we are different “types” we would probably need different ingredients for it to be effective? I find it very suspicious. In fact a con! Well anyway that’s my opinion. In the end we all have to make up our own minds don’t we.

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