Phentabz review, is it a scam, does it really work?

phentabz bottlesPhenTabz review – Phentabz is a relatively well-known diet pill that has been on the market since 2009, produced by the research and development company Gentech Pharmaceutical.

Phentabz contains Ampheta-HCL, which is marketed as a safe alternative to Phentermine, a psychostimulant drug used for the short-term treatment of obesity.

Are Phentabz effective?

The PhenTabz website makes all the usual claims of countless other diet pills, namely that their product will suppress your appetite, burn stubborn body fat, boost energy levels and increase metabolism. All are designed to work together to help a dieter achieve their ideal body.

Further claims on the PhenTabz website state that PhenTabz are the most ‘advanced proprietary formulations currently available for weight loss and appetite suppression’. The list of PhenTabz ingredients (which, incidentally, is not printed on the bottle) includes Octopamine, Trimethylxanthine T6 and Methylhexaneamine.

Watch the Phentabz promotional video below:

The website comes over very scientific when listing the ingredients, but basically Octopamine is supposed to release fat from their cells, Trimethylxanthine T6 is a form of the old diet pill favourite caffeine, and Methylhexaneamine is a thermogenic and fat-releaser.

Despite the scientific names, PhenTabz seems to be a mix of the usual diet-pill ingredients, namely bitter orange extract, caffeine and geranium oils. Methylhexanemine is more commonly used as a nasal decongestant following the recent ban of Ephedrine, see this resource here –

Other concerns with this product

One of the repeated claims on the PhenTabz website is that the product is now available without a prescription. There seems little evidence that PhenTabz was ever available as a prescription-only tablet.

It could be suggested that people might misconstrue this information to feel that PhenTabz is as effective a weight-loss treatment as those prescribed by medical practitioners. This pharmaceutical-based approach is completed by plenty of pictures on the web-site of people in gear suitable for labs or for surgery!

phentabz official websiteDespite the claims of PhenTabz’s diet-busting abilities, no clinical trials of their products or any of the ingredients seems to exist.

Surprisingly, there is also a PhenTabzTeen pill designed specifically as a diet pill for teenagers. The existence of such a product is a little controversial to say the least.

Also if PhenTabz does not work for you, there is no offer of a money-back guarantee, which is normally standard practice with the most popular and more well known diet pills.

What are the Customers Saying?

Whilst the Phentabz review site has many positive customer reviews, finding unbiased reviews is a little difficult. Phentabz is not listed for sale on Amazon or any other store that offers real users their chance to leave feedback.


tick7  Contains ingredients anecdotally proven to aid in weight loss


cross7 Confusing web site full of jargon
cross7 No ingredients listed on bottle
cross7 No clinical trials
cross7 Very few unbiased customer testimonials
cross7 PhenTabzTeen – geared towards teenagers
cross7 No address for the company provided

Phentabz review conclusion – Is it worth buying?

phentabz bottleIt seems as if the whole PhenTabz enterprise has been designed to convince would-be purchasers they are acquiring something as pharmaceutically-close to the proven weight-loss ingredient Phentermine as possible.

This, coupled with the existence of the PhenTabzTeen should be enough to help you draw your own conclusion.

If you do feel like given Phentabz a whirl, it is worth noting that a three-month supply of the tablet will set you back a whopping $187 plus shipping.

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