Prescopodene review, does this diet pill really work?

Prescopodene bottlePrescopodene review – This product is manufactured by JC Arnica Nutraceauticals, and is marketed on its UK website as being “the UK’s most powerful diet pill”. It is sold across America, in Australia, and in virtually all English speaking countries in the world.

It contains 12 ingredients which are claimed by the manufacturer to aid weight loss through thermogenesis. This process, when stimulated, can increase both the body’s metabolism and levels of fat oxidation. Prescopodene diet pill also contains ingredients which are claimed to curb appetite.

The website emphasizes that the supplement will be particularly useful when combined with a diet and exercise plan, although no further guidance is given, and consumers are left with the idea that simply taking two capsules each day without lifestyle changes will be sufficient to lose weight.

How effective is Prescopodene for weight loss?

woman looking at prescopodeneAccording to the manufacturer, if used for six months, these diet pills will produce an average weight loss of 2.25 stones, burning 587 calories each day.

These results were achieved in a clinical trial claimed to have been commissioned by the manufacturer, although interestingly, this clinical trial receives no mention on the company’s websites in other countries.

There are insufficient details of the study given on the website to verify the results. Surprisingly, even the listed ingredients differ slightly between the manufacturer’s websites, although the packaging appears to be identical. Check out the differences for yourself by comparing and


Here’s the full list of ingredients and how they promise to work:

Pyridoxine HCP
s a Vitamin B compound which the manufacturer
claims helps to metabolise protein and carbohydrates.
Ascorbic Acid
More commonly known as Vitamin C.
An important mineral found in nuts and green vegetables.
Green tea
A powerful antioxidant and fat burner.
Advantra Z
The manufacturer claims this “stimulates Beta 3 receptors, which breaks down fat, increases energy and metabolic rate, and creates thermogenesis. Also suppresses appetite.” This substance, which is derived from bitter orange, is thought to have caused cardio-vascular problems in some users and may not be a safe ingredient.
Ginger root
Is thought to aid digestion, though the manufacturer’s claim that it “decreases appetite and increases the number of calories burned” are probably unfounded.
Is claimed to increase thyroid function and boost metabolism. There are warnings about the inclusion of this ingredient, which may be addictive.
DMAE (dimethylethanolamine)
Is claimed to be a “powerful antioxidant that helps to elevate mood and increase physical energy.” These claims appear to be scientifically unproven, although there is evidence the substance can alter mood.
Cocoa Extract
Is thought to improve cardiovascular health.
Yerba Mate
Derived from a plant, contains high levels of caffeine which may cause insomnia, anxiety, headache and erratic heart-beat in some users.
Pantothenic Acid
Is a Vitamin B compound which is thought to be safe and useful.
Grape Seed Extract
Contains Revesterol, which is present in red wine, and is thought to have health benefits. The manufacturer’s claims that it is an effective appetite suppressant and stimulates the breakdown of fat for energy are probably unfounded.

There are concerns over the safety of two ingredients: Advantra Z and Tyrosine. The potential side effects of high levels of caffeine are well documented. Although the Prescopodene diet pill includes a number of ingredients which are clearly beneficial to health, the manufacturers give no indication as to the quantities of each ingredient within the product, which makes it impossible to assess their effectiveness.

What are the customers saying?

This product is available only through the manufacturer’s various websites. Although numerous ‘customer’ testimonials are included on those sites, there is no way of checking the validity of these statements, and even if they are from genuine customers, the absence of any negative comments suggests that the manufacturer has selected only the positive comments for publication.

A search on the company, through Google, reveals a host of complaints from customers who, having submitted one order, have had additional sums withdrawn from their accounts.

thumbs upPros

  • The product does include some ingredients which have been clinically proven, although the absence of information on precise quantities means that their effectiveness cannot be accurately assessed.
  • The company offers a money-back guarantee, although in light of the complaints against the manufacturer highlighted through a Google search, dissatisfied customers may find it difficult to recoup their payment.

thumbs downCons

  • The inclusion of Advantra Z, which it is though may cause cardio-vascular problems, and Tyrosine, which could be addictive, is worrying.
  • The manufacturer’s failure to provide a breakdown of the quantities of each ingredient within this product means that the manufacturer’s claims lack credibility, and that the product could be unsafe.

Prescopodene rejectedPrescopodene review conclusion – Is it worth buying?

Since most of the beneficial and proven ingredients occur naturally in other everyday foodstuffs, there appears to be no good reason to purchase this product, and a number of very strong reasons to avoid it.

Drink green tea regularly, eat the odd square of dark chocolate, enjoy an occasional glass of red wine, and eat plenty of green vegetables, and you will achieve the same health benefits at very little cost.

Alternatives to consider

On the face of it, it seems impossible to cram any meaningful amount of any of the Prescopodene listed ingredients in a diet pill.

Our advice as ever is to opt for just one or two fat burning ingredients in the correct dosage. Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketone are excellent choices and are well know for their safety and effectiveness.

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