Regeneslim review, does it really control appetite?

Regeneslim-AustraliaRegeneSlim is a relatively recent addition to the world of diet pills and supplements, but how does it fare in our Regeneslim review below?

Their website claims ‘incredible’ success by ‘numerous individuals’. RegeneSlim claims to aid weight loss by curbing appetite and promises to reduce calorie intake.

Regeneslim Ingredients:

The makers of RegeneSlim boast about the product’s two main ingredients, which are ChromeMate, and Super Citrimax.

ChromeMate is a product in its own right. It contains the chemical element Chromium, a metal that naturally occurs in some foods. Chromium is supposed to enhance the synthesis of glycogen, improve cholesterol, blood sugar production and blood pressure levels, and curb sugar cravings. All these claims are purely anecdotal, as no role in the biological process for Chromium has even been proven.

Super Citrimax is also another trademarked ingredient. The manufacturers claim through multiple studies that the active component of Super Citrimax, hydroxycitric acid, has been proven to lessen appetite and suppress fat production.

studiesThe manufacturers also claim that using Super Citrimax is three times more effective than diet and exercise alone.

At least one study has been performed on hydroxycitric acid – a trial between a group using the acid and a placebo group showed a difference in weight loss between the groups of less than a kilogram.

In addition, the group using the acid reported many side effects, including gastrointestinal problems, headaches, skin rashes and colds. RESOURCE –

alertWorryingly, RegeneSlim adds a couple of extra ingredients to their product (which are not listed) and one of these, methylhexanamine, has yet to be approved by the FDA (The US’s Food and Drug Administration) for safe use.

Regeneslim also makes the staggering claim that their pill can be used successfully without the need for any lifestyle changes. That seems pretty irresponsible – if your lifestyle involves sitting on the sofa all day eating pizza, there’s no doubt you will not lose weight no matter how you use RegeneSlim.

Regenslim review – what do customers think?

US TV Star Taylor Armstrong endorses Regeneslim

The RegeneSlim website contains a few testimonials from satisfied customers, all claiming substantial success stories. One even claims a seven pound loss in one week which most dietary experts will tell you is definitely not healthy and isn’t maintainable in the long run.

Unbiased reviews of RegeneSlim are hard to come by. We could find only one, which matched the site’s claims of weight loss (ten pounds per month without diet and exercise) but complained about a terrible skin rash suffered since using the pills.

Naturally, there may be no link between RegeneSlim and this person’s ailment, but tests of hydroxycitric acid have reported similar findings.

thumbs upPros

  • Endorsed by ‘leading Reality TV star’ Taylor Armstrong

thumbs downCons

  • Dubious claims such as ‘no lifestyle changes needed’
  • Little evidence of successful trials
  • Possibility of severe side effects
  • Contains ‘untested’ methylhexanamine
  • Very expensive

Is it worth buying?

Regeneslim-websiteA one month supply costs a whopping $89, making it one of the most expensive supplements we have reviewed so far.

There is no firm evidence available to suggest RegeneSlim will aid weight-loss, only anecdotal. The severe side effects reported by some, the use of the untested substance methylhexamine and the cost should also flag several warning signs if you’re intending to use this product.

In our opinion there are better options available which are cheaper, have more user feedback and less risk of any negative side effects.

Regeneslim Alternatives…Phen375

Phen375-blank2Phen375 is one alternative for those looking for an effective and safe diet supplement.

Phen375 has been produced in FDA approved labs and features a 100% natural formula which works to control appetite and help encourage the production of fat-fighting hormones.

Of all the supplements we have reviewed in recent months, Phen375 is a strong contender for the most effective, and a firm favourite with many dieters in the USA and Australia.

Visit the official Phen375 website here

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