Suvaril diet pill review, does it actually work?

What is Suvaril?

SuvarilBilled on its manufacturer’s website as a ‘Moderate, Not Miracle’ product, Suvaril diet pill claims to provide key nutrients to enhance metabolism and promote ‘gradual, healthy weight management’.

It does not claim to provide a magic cure for obesity, only that Suvaril diet pill will ‘gently’ increase the body’s metabolic rate to support the ‘behavioural changes’ that the user has already adopted to lifestyle by sticking to a calorie-controlled diet.

Does Suvaril work?

This manufacturer (thankfully) makes none of the exaggerated claims which often appear on other websites, preferring to market Suvaril diet pill merely as a supplement which will enhance the metabolism and provide key nutrients – all rather modest claims by the standards of most diet supplements.

vitamin-bB Vitamins

The key ingredients are a combination of B vitamins, designed to release energy and to replace the important vitamins that may be missing from the diet when calorific intake is reduced.

There is no doubt that vitamins are essential to health and well-being, and the inclusion of these particular B vitamins will produce no harmful side effects. That said, providing users follow a healthy diet, there should be no need to take vitamin supplements. Vitamins alone will not aid weight-loss.

suvaril-ingredientsGreen Tea

The primary ingredient in Suvaril diet pill is green tea extract, which contains caffeine, and there is plenty of scientific evidence proving that this combination induces thermogenesis and oxidation, which in turn boosts the metabolic rate without increasing heart rate.


Chromium is useful to the body in regulating insulin, which is vital in metabolising glucose. On this basis, the manufacturer claims that chromium may aid weight-control, a suggestion which carries little scientific evidence.

One recent clinical study ( suggests that “chromium supplementation has no effect on glucose or insulin concentrations in non-diabetic subjects”, and thus cannot be effective as a weight loss tool.

It would appear that the only ingredient in Suvaril diet pill which is likely to encourage any weight loss is green tea extract, available in a wide range of dietary supplements as well as in beverages sold in most supermarkets.

Potential Suvaril Side Effects

Suvaril diet pill is unlikely to produce much in the way of adverse side effects, though the presence of caffeine in the green tea extract may cause headache, insomnia and anxiety, particularly for those with a caffeine intolerance.

Customer feedback

scamThe manufacturer’s website, where this product is solely available to buy, includes no customer feedback, or even the very selective ‘testimonials’ normally included on other official product websites.

There is however, a fair amount of negative feedback available on internet blogs, though in fairness, many of the negative comments are directed, not towards the product, but towards the way that it uses to be sold.

This included a very dubious ‘free trial’ and autoship programme that customers soon discovered was notoriously difficult to cancel without a lot of stress and expense. It would appear that the new owners have now thankfully moved away from this marketing model.


pros2The ingredients in Suvaril diet pill are known to be well tolerated and offer some health benefits.
pros2The inclusion of green tea with caffeine may increase the metabolism and aid weight-loss over time.
pros2Apart from caffeine, the ingredients in this product should cause no unwanted side effects.
pros2The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee on unopened packets.


cons2Impossible to gauge the views of customers since the product is only available through the manufacturer’s website, and no customer reviews are published on this site.
cons2The website includes no scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of this product.
cons2Suvaril diet pill is rather expensive, and if there are weight-loss benefits, they will be modest.

Suvaril review conclusion – Is it worth buying?

Suvaril boxThe manufacturer urges customers to use the product alongside a calorie-controlled diet. In reality, similar weight loss could probably be achieved by dieting alone, and the benefits that will derive from the addition of Vitamin B and Chromium could be matched with sensible nutrition.

Overall, this is no more than a fairly average diet pill which promises modest results. There are a host of diet products available today, many of which are more effective and cost significantly less than Suvaril diet pill.

Unfortunately, this product does not come high up on our list of recommended supplements.

Other alternatives to Suvaril – Green Coffee 

While green tea does have some merits as a fat burner, the more recently discovered Green Coffee has been clincially proven to offer more substantial weight loss results and many more health benefits.

In fact, in one recent clinical study, users experienced fat loss of at least 16lbs in only a few months of taking this natural supplement.

optimus-green-coffeeOptimus Green coffee is our top recommendation in this area, as it is one of the only green coffee supplements to offer a 50% concentration of the fat burning acid – HCA.

Feedback on the product is fantastic, and we have no problem giving it our full recommendation as a safe and effective fat burner.

Read more about Optimus Green Coffee here


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