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NuratrimNuratrim is a weight loss and appetite suppressant supplement containing 100% natural ingredients including glucommanan, green coffee, licorice extract and capsicum.

Launched recently by the company Advanced Health Ltd, the constituents have been scientifically proven to reduce body fat, suppress appetite and promote physical endurance and well-being.

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How do Nuratrim diet pills work?

The combination of natural extracts works by increasing energy levels, digestion and metabolic rate.

bluetick-3Glucommanan is a water based high fiber extract that provides the feeling that you’ve eaten something substantial, thus inhibiting the desire to eat more. You can read more about Glucommanan here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glucomannan

bluetick-3Licorice Extract has been shown to increase your metabolic rate when used with regular exercise, thereby speeding up the rate at which you burn off those calories.

bluetick-3Green Coffee has been shown to help reduce weight, confirmed by the results of an independent research project. The chlorogenic acid found in this caffeine extract can lessen the level of glucose produced and lower carbohydrates and BMI.

bluetick-3Capsicum has been shown, in a clinical trial undertaken by The University of Oklahoma, to be highly effective in burning off proportionately more calories during exercise. The hot chilli pepper extract can speed up metabolism up to 12 times its normal rate.

Key Benefits of Nuratrim

studiesThe unique blend of ingredients work cumulatively to lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels, reduce the build up of fat in the liver, increase stamina and performance when exercising.

Nuratrim can also accelerate the blood’s ability to absorb oxygen, thus reducing recovery time after exercise. Two double-blind placebo controlled trials are quoted to substantiate this.

In addition, there are several testimonials from people involved in the preliminary clinical trials, all of whom claim to have lost weight over a period of several months. One of the reassuring features of this product is that, being 100% natural, there are no unpleasant side effects.

Potential Side Effects: This product does contain mild levels of caffeine through its Green Coffee extract, but there have been no reported cases of side effects from customers. However, it is well advised that pregnant women or people with medical problems should avoid diet supplements.

nuratrim-buy1-222x300OVERALL RATING : stars-4.5(4.5/5)

The Scottish pharmaceutical company Advanced Health Ltd, who are behind the Nuratrim product, are also renowned for their hugely popular Capsiplex and Metarol treatments, proof that they know a thing or two when it comes to weight loss solutions.

Nuratrim is not portrayed as a ‘wonder medicine’ however, the emphasis seems to be on using it in conjunction with a realistic exercise regime for optimum benefit.

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