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zendaslim bottleZendaslim claims to be an advanced weight-loss formulation that will ‘change your life today’. Keep reading our full Zendaslim review below to find out if this product can actually deliver on its promises.

The official product website makes much of its claim to be ‘Doctor Endorsed and Recommended’ – complete with a team of handsome physicians in doctor and surgeon gear atop the website banner.

The product also claims to be FDA certified, meaning Zendaslim has been passed for human use by the US’s Food & Drug Administration.

Is Zendaslim Effective?

Zendaslim is a herbal supplement formulated to provide fast and long-term weight-loss. The product claims the supplement’s ingredients pass into the blood, boosting metabolism and helping  weight-loss.

Most of the ingredients are indeed natural and are diet pill staples, such as Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea Extract, African Mango, Apple Cider Vinegar, Grapefruit, Caffeine, Acai Berry, Revesterol Extract and Kelp.

dr ozGreen Coffee Bean Extract is certainly ‘flavour of the month’ following an endorsement by the US ‘TV doctor’ Dr Mehmet Oz.

Studies show that the extract can indeed aid weight-loss if combined with a diet and exercise regime.

Interestingly, the Zendaslim website does list details of each ingredient and links through to ‘clinical trials’ for all of them. However, right at the bottom of the site it states ‘results may vary and the clinical studies stated herein are not conclusive’ which is puzzling.

Caffeine is the metabolism-booster part of this formula, and its fat-burning properties are well-documented, see this study – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12032741.

Clinical evidence of the other ingredients are rarer, and anecdotal at best. Green Tea Extract is another metabolism-booster, whilst Apple Cider Vinegar and Grapefruit supposedly help lower cholesterol.

Zendaslim offers many incentives to persuade customers to purchase their product. If you buy two bottles, you receive one free, and if you buy three bottles, you received three free. All bottles come with a 120-day money back guarantee. You may return Zendaslim for a full refund including shipping within that time if not satisfied.

alertAre there any side effects of ZendaSlim? As for side effects, Zendaslim does contain a high level of caffeine. Some users sensitive to caffeine may experience sleepless nights, jitters, anxiety and depression.

What are the Customers Saying?

The Zendaslim website contains many positive testimonials from satisfied customers, all of which are resoundingly thankful. The site says it will provide proof on request that all testimonials are 100% legitimate. Other, neutral, customer testimonials seem difficult to come by.

thumbs upPros

  • Contains ‘proven’ ingredients
  • 120-day money-back guarantee offered

thumbs downCons

  • Lack of neutral customer testimonials
  • High caffeine content renders product unsuitable for some
  • No company address provided on the product website
  • No details as to who the company are or where they operate
  • No exact details of capsule contents

Overall Zendaslim review conclusion – Is it worth buying?

The official zendaslim websiteWhat seems off-putting about Zendaslim is the promotion of the product being ‘doctor-endorsed’. There have been no FDA approval of the brand itself, regardless of what clinical trials have taken place on the individual ingredients in the past.

The fact that no details are supplied regarding the manufacturer or the quantity of the ingredients used in the formula is also a big negative and makes this product difficult to recommend.

Zendaslim is at the cheaper end of the diet pills market, A six months supply would set you back around $137.

Alternatives to consider…Green Coffee

The general advice as always is to opt for products which clearly label the quantities of the ingredients used in the formula and which are made by trusted manufacturers.

optimus-green-coffeeOf all the ingredients used in Zendalsim, Green coffee is the one which raises the most interest.

This extract is one of the most popular fat burning compounds, thanks to the huge amount of praise it has received by US celebrity doctor – Dr Oz.

The clinical proof behind Green Coffee is also impressive, with studies showing unroasted coffee beans can help encourage weight loss of 2lbs per week without changing diet.

Read more about Optimus Green Coffee and buy online here

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